Do you live in or around Sydney? Are you a lover of all things sports from golf to horse racing to swimming? If your answer is a yes to both these questions, your calendar is just about to get packed. There are a myriad of gaming events coming up in Sydney, some of which are starting and will continue up until December and others that will be starting in about a week or two. Here are some of the events to not miss in Sydney.

Luxury NSW Helicopter Golf Tours

The event will be starting on the 16th of November and will continue on a weekly basis. The good thing is that if you feel you cannot make it to this any time soon, look out for any Australian open 2018 tickets that might be available so that you can attend this next time around. The tours can be arranged from up to one day or ten and will be custom made to suit all your needs and budgets. You have to try your hand at their must play golf course and who knows you might actually win a game or two as well. You can accentuate your plan with things like winery tours and fishing expeditions or beach picnics and lovely sunset cruises as well. This event has a lot to do with golf and yet at the same time it allows for you to have a luxurious experience as well. If you happen to be travelling from outside the country as a foreigner you can get to experience the culture here as well.

Commonwealth Bank Women’s Ashes – T20 North Sydney

The Ashes are a legendary cricket competition that needs no introduction. If you are an ardent cricket fan this is your chance to be part of an amazing gaming experience. This time two of the world’s highest ranking women’s cricket teams; one from home and the other from England will be taking on each other in the true spirit of sportsmanship. They will battle it out and lay it all out there for the glory of their nations and for the highly prestigious Ashes trophy. Located in the heart of North Sydney the venue is easily accessible and being here means that you, without a doubt, get to be part of one of the biggest, loudest, greatest and most vivacious events of the year.

Thoroughbred Breeders NSW Country Classic Race Day – Parramatta

The 25th of November is when it will go down so anybody among you who loves horses and horse racing should definitely be here. The Turf Club will be hosting the event at the Rosehill Gardens in NSW and it is the perfect thrilling and joyful experience for you to enjoy with your partner, family and friends. The beautiful thoroughbred beauties dashing past each other in all their glory handled gently by skilled jocks is something that one should witness at least once in a lifetime. In addition to this the gaming experience also gives you a chance to explore the absolutely impeccable lawns of the gardens along with some sumptuous cuisine from a celebrated culinary team.