Here are a few causes and treatment of hip pain:


There are many causes of hip pain. Following are the few given below:

·         Fracture:

Fracture is a medical term used for the bone breakage. In a fracture, the bone is broken or moved away from its original place. This can result in extreme pain and agony. Hip pain can also be a cause of hip fracture in which the pelvic girdle of the body gets damaged.  In order to get rid of the pain, doctors will make you rest for a few months on the bed and tie the weight to the legs to properly align your body. This way it can properly heal.

·         Sciatica:

Sciatica is a problem in which the nerve from the spinal cords that are responsible for the movements of the leg is trapped in between the vertebral column. This can result in the severe pain in the lower region of the body.

·         Tendonitis:

Tendonitis is an issue of tendons in which they get inflamed. This can result in the severe pain in the joints because they attach the muscles with the bones. So injury to the tendons means a severe ache in the bones and the relevant joints. Medicines can help to deal with this problem.

·         Muscle pain:

Muscle pain can also result in the hip pain too. The best way to diagnose it is by resting a lot. If the hip pain gets resolved by resting, this means that you just have a muscle ache. It can also be cured with the help of the painkillers.


·         Rest:

In case of the hip injury, one should take a lot of rest.  Rest can relax the muscles and if the pain is due to the overworked muscles, it can easily be avoided. So take some break from your work and rest for few hours. This does not mean to spend hours in front of the internet. Switch off all the devices and rest for real.

·         Ice packs:

Ice packs can also help to relieve a lot of pain too. They help to increase the blood flow to the relevant area and this will automatically help you with the pain. This is the easiest and the cheapest way to get rid of your pain.

·         Painkillers:

Always take medicines that are prescribed by a Hip specialist nyc. Never take anything without the prescription. This is because there are many people who are allergic to many chemicals and they are taking it in the form of pain killers. This does not help them with the pain. Instead, it makes it worse for them. So don’t do this with you and your family.

·         Surgery:

Surgery is the last option when nothing else is working for you. Doctors will cut open the affected area and correct the things manually. This is a complicated procedure and there are many side effects of the surgeries too. SO it is better to avoid harmful things which worsen the pain.