What is needed to be done?

The horse racing is an ancient sport liked by many people. But the person who is in charge of taking care of racing horse needs to be practical and should pay special attention to the comfort and care of the racing horse. In order for the horse to race well, it is quite necessary for the care taker to pay keen attention towards the needs and wants of racing horse.

What is needed to be known?

In order to perform well in the race, the food, nutrition and stamina of the racing horse should be taken care of properly. The proper food and nutrition is the base to build the stamina of the horse efficiently and effectively. The good performance could only be obtained by taking care of all the necessities of the racing horse. The health and happiness of the racing horse is dependent on the experience and ability of the care taker. The more able and experienced care taker would be able to take care of the needs and wants of the racing horse well and would work on making sure the racing horse get all the things which are needed in order to perform well in the race.

Ensuring the needs of Racing Horse

The care taker of the horse must ensure that all the needs of the racing horse are being taken care of. The basic and healthy food is the first and utmost need of the racing horse. Apart from food good care plays important role in racing well. The racing horse is quite different from the usual riding horse. Most of the racing horses could not stay still. The nature of horse must be keenly understood in order to get to know the necessities. The stamina of horse must be build up with proper training so that the horse could perform well in the race.

The role of Patience

While training and taking care of horse, there is massive need of patience. If the care taker is patient enough and observe the needs of the racing horse nicely then he would be able to understand the sensitivity of horse as well. There could be times when the horse is not in usual mood and is grumpy, the care taker needs to give time to the horse and adjust the schedule accordingly.