Parkour, also known as free running, is the epitome of an urban sport. It originates from a military training with obstacles that prompts participants to find the most direct route. The rising popularity in recent years has attracted many new participants, mostly younger daredevils. You might have seen crazy acrobatics and flips, but they are just one aspect of it. Essentially, with some training and preparation, anyone can jump into these exploits. Moreover, you can do them anywhere and reap incredible fitness benefits.

Fortifying core

Parkour is one of the newer entries to the list of 100 extreme sports.  For some time, the benefits of it were not researched. Today, though, we know that, among other things, parkour boost core strength. As you may know, the core is your body’s mainstay, which enables you to bend and twist, as well as to transfer power. Furthermore, a strong core is associated with various benefits like reducing the risk of lower back injuries. Of course, it also empowers you to maneuver through all the obstacles with ease.

Full body workout

Parkour is a dynamic, unstructured, and free-flowing activity that differs from static gym exercises. It encourages play and inventiveness when tackling practical obstacles and performing movements. Those engaged in these endeavors have to display a variety of physical abilities, such as running, climbing, vaulting, jumping, swinging, rolling, etc. Hence, parkour routine involves full body workout. All major muscle groups are recruited to successfully navigate difficult terrain and obstacles of the urban jungle.

Honing physical skills

One of the great things about parkour is that it represents a form of skill-based, functional fitness. Thus, it requires you to call upon your balance, agility, power, speed, coordination, and reaction time. These skills are used constantly and interchangeably to make it to the point A to the point B. Moves and maneuvers are not picked in advance. They may not have that much application in real life, but there are some situations where they can come in handy. Besides that, they elevate the overall level of fitness.

Quick-thinking and creativity

Parkour adventures demand of you to think on your feet and think fast. Obstacles come at a rapid pace and they do not always have an obvious solution. These sudden moves and unpredictable situations put your brain to the test and spur creative conception. Eventually, you learn to make swift, instinctive decisions and also improve your responsiveness and judgment in real life. On top of it, overcoming all the obstacles is also something that boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

Increased bone strength

As a high-impact sport, parkour is linked to enhanced bone strength. The impact movements occur both in the upper and lower body, which means the benefits are experienced all all-around. On a regular basis, parkour activity can lead to better mobility, stability, and coordination in the long run. It is a way to preserve your independence and quality of life even well into the old age. To reap maximum benefits and get in shape, you might want to start it sooner rather than later.

Cardiovascular health

During prolonged parkour activity, the cardiovascular system (heart, lungs, and blood vessels) needs to work harder in order to pump blood in and out of muscles. This process increases the heart rate and blood pleasure. Over time, you are able to increase maximum heart rate, lower resting rate, as well as resting blood pressure. Therefore, parkour is a great warden of cardiovascular health and viable alternative to intense cardio routines.

Time to step up

There is always that cool factor that surrounds parkour, but there is much more beneath the surface. It is highly attractive and engaging discipline, but also physically and mentally demanding. It poses a full body workout with a fun and thrilling twist. The body adapts and goes through a wide range of movements. In addition, you need to respond to the environment and reach instant and sound decisions regarding obstacles present. So, do not hesitate to embark on a thrilling adventure and get rich fitness spoil.