Once again the Egyptian theme makes an appearance in one of the slot machines of the company IGT whose developers have proved to be good exponents of this type of thematic games oriented towards the mysticism and mystery of the Egyptian culture.

That has a universe of elements that in each new title that they publish related to this, manage to renew without creating a series of copies, you will always have the possibility of getting new special and entertaining features in each of the IGT publications. Play Crown of Egypt is an interesting proposal that you cannot miss.

It is an easy topic to develop fortunately, IGT gives us the possibility to trust that the new slot machines that have been developed, will be of a great quality, how they have accustomed us.

Special features

The characteristic that you will notice immediately, is the existence of the Multi Way Extra Reels. Crown of Egypt slot is 5,124 forms of winning that is part of the IGT Multi Way Extra series.

For those of you who do not experience with Multi Way Extra, this gives you more chances to win, in this mobile slot , which grants you to pay Outs for the same symbol at any position on the adjacent cylinders. The Multi Way Extra rewards are also paid at the top of the line rewards.

How to play?

The symbols on the cylinders are typical, like an ancient Egyptian pyramid, you have Cleopatra, Pharaoh, Anubis, Ra, Hathor, and the regular symbols of an ordinary card game, which fill the positions in the cylinders of this mobile slot machine. The entire setting of the game consists of columns with engravings that add excitement to the game. You have a bottom panel where you can control the value of your bet for each spin, as well as the balance sheet.

The spin button is located on the right side of the game panel in a yellow color, the cylinder set is set in a 5 × 4 commodes and accounts with 1024 active pay lines, yes, it is not an error, they are 1024 possibilities to win that make this slot a real money machine, yes, you must have the right combinations to access rounds of free spins and bonuses.

In this machine you have a wild symbol that will help you get these combinations and a scatter symbol that is the main tool to trigger the bonus rounds. Once you start the turn of the cylinders you should wait for them to stop, and the game will automatically tell you if you have any correct combination that provides some kind of payment or reward.

The Wild Symbol

One of the missions you must get is to obtain 4 wild symbols in the cylinders, this will trigger a series of events that you definitely want to experience.

The Egyptian crown logo acts as the wild card in this mobile slot and replaces any other symbol, except the free spins bonus symbol, to complete the potential winning combinations that may appear on the cylinders. These jokers only appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5 so do not expect them to appear on the first reel.

Free shots

Activate at least 10 free spins, the free spins bonus symbols, in the form of pyramid symbols, represent the scatters of the game and you need to get two or more of these in cylinder 3 in order to trigger the free spins round of bonus

If you activate them with two symbols you will win 10 free spins, if activated with three symbols you will win 15 free spins but with four symbols in the middle cylinder you will be rewarded with 20 free spins. It is possible to re-activate the bonus free spins round by getting two or more of these symbols from the pyramid on reel 3 during the free spins.

General Experience

Crown of Egypt is an iconic mobile slot, is not far from being considered in the same range as the legendary mobile slots, Cleopatra or even the classic mobile slot Cats.

There’s not much in terms of variety in this game, but the Multi Way Extra feature combined with the free spins advantage allows you to get sucked into this slot. Without a doubt, it is one of my fixed titles on my mobile device.