If you are a baseball lover and you are in search of the best youth baseball gloves, you need to first know which among the different types of baseball gloves you actually require.  You can purchase the right youth baseball gloves from axial sports once you decide what you actually need. Axial sports offer you the best quality youth baseball gloves of all kinds.

Baseball gloves are tools of a fielder during the game. They are of many kinds and are used for different purposes. It would be a waste if you have the wrong type of baseball glove for the wrong purpose. For example, a fielder will not use a catcher’s mitt to catch fly balls. Given below are the different types of baseball gloves you need to learn about, so that you make an informed purchase.

The material of the glove, the way it’s stitched, webbing, its length, and pocket sizes are a few criteria that you should judge a glove on. These criteria vary according to the distinguished role the player has to play wearing these gloves.

1)    Outfield Gloves

These are the gloves used by outfielders and are the lengthiest of them all so that the outfielders get maximum range. They are usually 12-14 inches long giving you that extra coverage when you are diving to catch hold of those deep flying balls. Outfield gloves have deeper pockets which prevent the ball from popping out of the hand or by the sides of the gloves, especially around the heel area.

There are outfield gloves with open web designs as well as closed web designs. The advantage of having an open web design is that it provides more visibility whereas a closed web design is the more durable one among the two.

2)    Infield Gloves

Infield gloves are smaller and lighter since infield positions need speed and quick action. These are used by second base men and are usually 10-11 inches long. They have shallow pockets and help the second base men to transfer the balls to their throwing hands as quick as possible.

3)    First base mitts

These are baseball gloves that look like oven mitts because they lack divisions for individual fingers. They are 12-13 inches and are not used anywhere else on the field. They have deep pockets and wide ends so that the fielder can scoop down at take out the thrown ball from dirt. These gloves are wider so that the infielders have a broader area to target a while throwing.

4)    Catcher’s Mitts

They are heavily padded and have deep pockets to hold the balls thrown at them right. These are the also fingerless like the first base mitts and are the most specially designed one among all the other baseball gloves. These gloves are wide so that the infielders will have a bigger target to throw at.

5)    Pitcher’s Gloves

               A pitcher can use any infielder glove, but having a glove with closed web will help the pitcher grab the ball firmly and away from the batter.