According to summer football camps, Football is particularly popular with boys, but now also girls, who are more and more to take their license each year. And we understand, this team sport – which can be played anywhere on the simple condition of owning a ball – allowing them both to stay in shape, to spend their energy and to develop their team spirit.


An outdoor activity, football is also a team sport. It will teach the child to live in society and to respect the other, while awakening team spirit in all its forms: competitive spirit, assertiveness in a collective, sacrifice for the teammate … On a physical level, it is a complete sport, particularly beneficial in terms of cardiovascular health and muscle and bone building, which will give younger people a taste of physical effort and endurance. It also promotes the address, space management, sense of strategy and balance as well as coordination. To sum up simply, the practice of football in football clubs in Dubai is, in addition to its many health benefits.

However, also remember that football is a very traumatic sport for the body and injuries can be common, especially during child growth spurts. The most common problems observed in young practitioners are knee or ankle sprains, Saver’s disease and fatigue fractures. There are also periostitis – an inflammation of the membrane that surrounds the bones – in the tibia, which results in greater diffuse pain during acceleration and deceleration.


Football is recommended from 6-7 years old and gives the child the advantage of going directly into a competition logic. Most clubs offer a weekday training and a Saturday game (or tournaments some Saturday or Sunday at the end of the season).

The child must be able to participate in both. Only downside, parents will often give up to go on a weekend, sine qua non for a good integration of their little champions in the life of the club. Otherwise, the apprentice footballers play with children of their age: beginners, chicks, youngest, under 13, under 15, under 17 years.

Their progression is well structured and well supervised by the monitors of the clubs. Finally, know that until U13 (11-12 years), young football players play on reduced ground. First at 5, then at 7, then at 9, depending on the categories, before playing in a team of 11 and on big court starting from the category under 15. The principle is the same one concerning the playing time ( from 2×20 minutes in beginners to 2×45 minutes, like professionals, in U15).